BTS Software Solutions, a leading software development company that uses technology to create impactful solutions for the community, is publically announcing its new majority ownership team. The new owners assumed majority interest from OSTP, LLC, an early stage venture capital firm that founds, accelerates, and invests in startups. OSTP held controlling interest in BTS Software Solutions since its founding in 2011 and will retain a minority interest, along with co-founder, Sean Lane.


The purchasing members are David Tohn, CEO; Daniel Cummings, COO; and Craig Cummings, Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder. All three purchasing members are service-disabled veterans, and the new ownership structure allows BTS Software Solutions to become certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). As a certified SDVOSB, BTS Software Solutions will be well positioned to continue its mission of serving the community with advanced communications and communications technology.


The change in majority ownership marks the next phase of BTS Software Solutions’ evolution. Founded with a ground-breaking idea to develop and field a dedicated 3G cellular network in Afghanistan, providing critical force protection information to safeguard deployed Service member and Afghan lives, the company is growing with a broader portfolio including commercial and assistive technologies business lines. The new majority owners will fund future innovation, research, and development within the business. With the corporate leadership also invested as owners, the company will streamline operations and enhance its ability to align and realize the leadership team’s overarching vision for the company’s direction of growth.


About BTS Software Solutions

BTS Software Solutions is a team of service-minded professionals who create impactful solutions for our community’s real and complex communications problems. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, BTS Software Solutions holds Service to our Community as its core value. From serving Warfighters to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, it believes that good companies provide good service to those in need. BTS Software Solutions’ creative and energetic engineers and PhDs lead their fields with 30 patents and peer-reviewed articles. Its portfolio includes mobile technologies, advanced applications, enterprise-wide development, and applied research in cognitive science, speech-to-text technology, and cutting edge data compression technologies.