BTS Software Solutions has moved to a new office location. Don’t fret!! We did not move far. Our new location is 6200 Old Dobbin Ln. STE 190 Columbia, MD 21045.

We have renovated this new space to create an open environment. This trendy new office is a collaborative area where our employees can interact and share ideas. There are plenty of open areas for informal meetings or team discussions, as well as conference rooms that provide a little more privacy. The office is complete with 8 flat screen televisions, a full kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks, a gym, and a game room. Our prized piece of the office is The Garage. This unique conference room has large windows and a retractable garage door with glass panels. The Garage allows employees to hold business meetings, while still enjoying the BTS Software Solutions atmosphere. Whether you want to sit in couch area, enjoy lunch in roller chairs, or hold a meeting in our intimate conference room, our space offers it all.

If you are interested is joining our team and experiencing all BTS Software Solutions atmosphere, check our career page!