The leadership skills gained in the military can become invaluable transferable skills within the commercial workspace. David Tohn, BTS Software Solutions CEO, gave his perspective on how the leadership skills he gained in the military were valuable to his current role as a technology executive at the June Maryland TechVets Meetup in Howard County.

“As a second lieutenant, I had 172 people working for me and I was 21 years old. It’s hard to get that (experience) in a commercial space,” said Tohn.

He credits the formal training he received at institutions such as the School of Advanced Military Studies for developing his strategic vision. “It taught me how to think not just about today but it gave me tools to think about five and ten years from now and to not let the little things get in the way of the big things.”

The CIC’s Maryland TechVets program is a new initiative aimed at harnessing the ideas and power of Maryland’s veteran community through supporting veteran entrepreneurs working in or developing new technologies. The program also strives to be an informative platform offering the latest tech and cyber industry news and events.

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